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01 Agricultural production_crops
      011 Cash grains
          0111 Wheat
          0112 Rice
          0115 Corn
          0116 Soybeans
          0119 Cash grains
      013 Field crops, except cash grains
          0131 Cotton
          0132 Tobacco
          0133 Sugarcane and sugar beets
          0134 Irish potatoes
          0139 Field crops, except cash grains
      016 Vegetables and melons
          0161 Vegetables and melons
      017 Fruits and trees
          0171 Berry crops
          0172 Grapes
          0173 Tree nuts
          0174 Citrus fruits
          0175 Deciduous tree fruits
          0179 Fruits and tree nuts
      018 Horticultural specialties
          0181 Ornamental nursery products
          0182 Food crops grown under cover
      019 General farms, primarily crop
          0191 General farms, primarily crop

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