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34 Fabricated metal products
      341 Metal cans and shipping containers
          3411 Cans_metal
          3412 Barrels, drums and pails_metal
      342 Cutlery, handtools and hardware
          3421 Cutlery
          3423 Tools_hand and edge
          3425 Saw blades and handsaws
          3429 Hardware
      343 Plumbing and heating, except electric
          3431 Metal sanitary ware
          3432 Plumbing fixture fittings and trim
          3433 Heating equipment, except electric
      344 Fabricated structural metal products
          3441 Structural metal_fabricated
          3442 Doors, sash and trim_metal
          3443 Plate work_fabricated (boiler shops)
          3444 Sheet metal work
          3446 Architectural metal work
          3448 Prefabricated metal buildings
          3449 Metal work_miscellaneous
      345 Screw machine products, bolts, etc.
          3451 Screw machine products
          3452 Bolts, nuts, rivets and washers
      346 Metal forgings and stampings
          3462 Forgings_iron and steel
          3463 Forgings_nonferrous
          3465 Stampings_automotive
          3466 Crowns and closures
          3469 Metal stampings
      347 Metal services
          3471 Plating and polishing
          3479 Metal coating and allied services
      348 Ordnance and accessories
          3482 Small arms ammunition
          3483 Ammunition, except for small arms
          3484 Small arms
          3489 Ordnance and accessories
      349 Miscellaneous fabricated metal products
          3491 Valves_industrial
          3492 Fluid power valves and hose fittings
          3493 Springs_steel, except wire
          3494 Valves and pipe fittings
          3495 Wire springs
          3496 Wire products_misc. fabricated
          3497 Metal foil and leaf
          3498 Pipe and fittings_fabricated
          3499 Metal products_fabricated

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