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337 Furniture and Related Products
      3371 Household and Institutional Furniture and Kitchen Cabinets
        33711 Wood Kitchen Cabinets and Countertops
        33712 Household and Institutional Furniture
            337121 Upholstered Household Furniture
            337122 Nonupholstered Wood Household Furniture
            337124 Metal Household Furniture
            337125 Household Furniture (except Wood and Metal)
            337127 Institutional Furniture
            337129 Wood Television, Radio, and Sewing Machine Cabinets
      3372 Office Furniture (including Fixtures)
        33721 Office Furniture (including Fixtures)
            337211 Wood Office Furniture
            337212 Custom Architectural Woodwork and Millwork
            337214 Office Furniture (except Wood)
            337215 Showcases, Partitions, Shelving, and Lockers
      3379 Other Furniture Related Products
        33791 Mattresses
        33792 Blinds and Shades

33721 Office Furniture (including Fixtures)

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