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813 Religious, Grantmaking, Civic, Professional, and Similar Organizations
      8131 Religious Organizations
        81311 Religious Organizations
      8132 Grantmaking and Giving Services
        81321 Grantmaking and Giving Services
            813211 Grantmaking Foundations
            813212 Voluntary Health Organizations
            813219 Other Grantmaking and Giving Services
      8133 Social Advocacy Organizations
        81331 Social Advocacy Organizations
            813311 Human Rights Organizations
            813312 Environment, Conservation and Wildlife Organizations
            813319 Other Social Advocacy Organizations
      8134 Civic and Social Organizations
        81341 Civic and Social Organizations
      8139 Business, Professional, Labor, Political, and Similar Organizations
        81391 Business Associations
        81392 Professional Organizations
        81393 Labor Unions and Similar Labor Organizations
        81394 Political Organizations
        81399 Other Similar Organizations (except Business, Professional, Labor, and Political Organizations)

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