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02 Agricultural production_livestock
      021 Livestock, except dairy and poultry
          0211 Beef cattle feedlots
          0212 Beef cattle, except feedlots
          0213 Hogs
          0214 Sheep and goats
          0219 General livestock
      024 Dairy farms
          0241 Dairy farms
      025 Poultry and eggs
          0251 Broiler, fryer and roaster chickens
          0252 Chicken eggs
          0253 Turkeys and turkey eggs
          0254 Poultry hatcheries
          0259 Poultry and eggs
      027 Animal specialties
          0271 Fur-bearing animals and rabbits
          0272 Horses and other equines
          0273 Animal aquaculture
          0279 Animal specialties
      029 General farms, primarily animal
          0291 General farms, primarily animal

021 Livestock, except dairy and poultry

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