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22 Textile mill products
      221 Broadwoven fabric mills, cotton
          2211 Broadwoven fabric mills, cotton
      222 Broadwoven fabric mills, manmade
          2221 Broadwoven fabric mills, manmade
      223 Broadwoven fabric mills, wool
          2231 Broadwoven fabric mills, wool
      224 Narrow fabric mills
          2241 Narrow fabric mills
      225 Knitting mills
          2251 Hosiery_women's, except socks
          2252 Hosiery
          2253 Knit outerwear mills
          2254 Knit underwear mills
          2257 Weft knit fabric mills
          2258 Lace and warp knit fabric mills
          2259 Knitting mills
      226 Textile finishing, except wool
          2261 Finishing plants, cotton
          2262 Finishing plants, manmade
          2269 Finishing plants
      227 Carpets and rugs
          2273 Carpets and rugs
      228 Yard and thread mills
          2281 Yarn spinning mills
          2282 Throwing and winding mills
          2284 Thread mills
      229 Miscellaneous textile goods
          2295 Coated fabrics, not rubberized
          2296 Tire cord and fabrics
          2297 Fabrics_nonwoven
          2298 Cordage and twine
          2299 Textile goods

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