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23 Apparel and other textile products
      231 Men's and boy's suits and coats
          2311 Suits and coats_men's and boys'
      232 Men's and boy's furnishings
          2321 Shirts_men's and boys'
          2322 Underwear and nightwear_men's and boys'
          2323 Neckwear_men's and boys'
          2325 Trousers and slacks_men's and boys'
          2326 Clothing_men's and boys', work
          2329 Clothing_men's and boys'
      233 Women's and misses' outerwear
          2331 Blouses and shirts_women's and misses'
          2335 Dresses_women's, juniors' and misses'
          2337 Suits and coats_women's and misses'
          2339 Outerwear_women's and misses'
      234 Women's and children's undergarments
          2341 Underwear_women's and children's
          2342 Bras, girdles and allied garments
      235 Hats, caps and millinery
          2353 Hats, caps and millinery
      236 Girls' and children's outerwear
          2361 Dresses and blouses_girl's and children's
          2369 Outerwear_girl's and children's
      237 Fur goods
          2371 Fur goods
      238 Miscellaneous apparel and accessories
          2381 Gloves_fabric dress and work
          2384 Robes and dressing gowns
          2385 Waterproof outerwear
          2386 Leather and sheep-lined clothing
          2387 Belts_apparel
          2389 Apparel and accessories
      239 Miscellaneous fabricated textile products
          2391 Curtains and draperies
          2392 Furnishings_house
          2393 Bags_textile
          2394 Canvas and related products
          2395 Pleating and stitching
          2396 Automotive and apparel trimmings
          2397 Schiffli machine embroideries
          2399 Textile products_fabricated

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