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24 Lumber and wood products
      241 Logging
          2411 Logging
      242 Sawmills and planing mills
          2421 Sawmills and planing mills, general
          2426 Hardwood dimension and flooring mills
          2429 Sawmills_special product
      243 Millwork, plywood and structural members
          2431 Millwork
          2434 Kitchen cabinets_wood
          2435 Hardwood veneer and plywood
          2436 Softwood veneer and plywood
          2439 Structural wood members
      244 Wood containers
          2441 Nailed wood boxes and shook
          2448 Pallets and skids_wood
          2449 Containers_wood
      245 Wood buildings and mobile homes
          2451 Mobile homes
          2452 Prefabricated wood buildings
      249 Miscellaneous wood products
          2491 Wood preserving
          2493 Wood products_reconstituted
          2499 Wood products

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