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26 Paper and allied products
      261 Pulp mills
          2611 Pulp mills
      262 Paper mills
          2621 Paper mills
      263 Paperboard mills
          2631 Paperboard mills
      265 Paperboard containers and boxes
          2652 Boxes_setup paperboard
          2653 Boxes_corrugated and solid fiber
          2655 Fiber cans, drums and similar products
          2656 Sanitary food containers
          2657 Boxes_folding paperboard
      267 Miscellaneous converted paper products
          2671 Paper coated and laminated, packaging
          2672 Paper coated and laminated
          2673 Bags: plastics, laminated and coated
          2674 Bags: uncoated paper and multiwall
          2675 Die-cut paper and board
          2676 Sanitary paper products
          2677 Envelopes
          2678 Stationery products
          2679 Converted paper products

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