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32 Stone, clay and glass products
      321 Flat glass
          3211 Glass_flat
      322 Glass and glassware, pressed or blown
          3221 Glass containers
          3229 Glass_pressed and blown
      323 Products of purchased glass
          3231 Glass products from purchased glass
      324 Cement, hydraulic
          3241 Cement, hydraulic
      325 Structural clay products
          3251 Brick and structural clay tile
          3253 Ceramic wall and floor tile
          3255 Clay refractories
          3259 Structural clay products
      326 Pottery and related products
          3261 Plumbing fixtures_vitreous
          3262 Vitreous china table and kitchenware
          3263 Semivitreous table and kitchenware
          3264 Porcelain electrical supplies
          3269 Pottery products
      327 Concrete, gypsum and plaster products
          3271 Concrete block and brick
          3272 Concrete products
          3273 Concrete_ready-mixed
          3274 Lime
          3275 Gypsum products
      328 Cut stone and stone products
          3281 Cut stone and stone products
      329 Miscellaneous nonmetallic mineral products
          3291 Abrasive products
          3292 Asbestos products
          3295 Minerals, ground or treated
          3296 Mineral wool
          3297 Refractories_nonclay
          3299 Mineral products_nonmetallic

3271 Concrete block and brick

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