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33 Primary metal industries
      331 Blast furnace and basic steel products
          3312 Blast furnaces and steel mills
          3313 Electrometallurgical products
          3315 Steel wire and related products
          3316 Cold finishing of steel shapes
          3317 Steel pipe and tubes
      332 Iron and steel foundries
          3321 Foundries_gray and ductile iron
          3322 Foundries_malleable iron
          3324 Foundries_steel investment
          3325 Foundries_steel
      333 Primary nonferrous metals
          3331 Copper_primary
          3334 Aluminum_primary
          3339 Nonferrous metals_primary
      334 Secondary nonferrous metals
          3341 Secondary nonferrous metals
      335 Nonferrous rolling and drawing
          3351 Copper rolling and drawing
          3353 Aluminum sheet, plate and foil
          3354 Aluminum extruded products
          3355 Aluminum rolling and drawing
          3356 Nonferrous rolling and drawing
          3357 Nonferrous wiredrawing and insulating
      336 Nonferrous foundries (castings)
          3363 Aluminum die-castings
          3364 Nonferrous die-casting, except aluminum
          3365 Foundries_aluminum
          3366 Copper foundries
          3369 Foundries_nonferrous
      339 Miscellaneous primary metal products
          3398 Heat treating_metal
          3399 Primary metal products

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