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50 Wholesale trade_durable goods
      501 Motor vehicles, parts and supplies
          5012 Automobiles and other motor vehicles
          5013 Motor vehicle supplies and new parts
          5014 Tires and tubes
          5015 Motor vehicle parts, used
      502 Furniture and homefurnishings
          5021 Furniture
          5023 Home furnishings
      503 Lumber and construction materials
          5031 Lumber, plywood and millwork
          5032 Brick, stone and related materials
          5033 Roofing, siding and insulation
          5039 Construction materials
      504 Professional and commercial equipment
          5043 Photographic equipment and supplies
          5044 Office equipment
          5045 Computers, peripherals and software
          5046 Commercial equipment
          5047 Medical and hospital equipment
          5048 Opthalmic goods
          5049 Professional equipment
      505 Metals and minerals, except petroleum
          5051 Metal service centers and offices
          5052 Coal and other minerals and ores
      506 Electrical goods
          5063 Electrical apparatus and equipment
          5064 Electrical appliances, TV and radios
          5065 Electronic parts and equipment
      507 Hardware, plumbing and heating equipment
          5072 Hardware
          5074 Plumbing and hydronic heating supplies
          5075 Warm air heating and air conditioning
          5078 Refrigeration equipment and supplies
      508 Machinery, equipment and supplies
          5082 Construction and mining machinery
          5083 Farm and garden machinery
          5084 Industrial machinery and equipment
          5085 Industrial supplies
          5087 Service establishment equipment
          5088 Transportation equipment and supplies
      509 Miscellaneous durable goods
          5091 Sporting and recreational goods
          5092 Toys and hobby goods and supplies
          5093 Scrap and waste materials
          5094 Jewelry and precious stones
          5099 Durable goods

5064 Electrical appliances, TV and radios

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