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51 Wholesale trade_nondurable goods
      511 Paper and paper products
          5111 Printing and writing paper
          5112 Stationery and office supplies
          5113 Industrial and personal service paper
      512 Drugs, proprietaries and sundries
          5122 Drugs, proprietaries and sundries
      513 Apparel, piece goods and notions
          5131 Piece goods and notions
          5136 Men's and boys' clothing
          5137 Women's and children's clothing
          5139 Footwear
      514 Groceries and related products
          5141 Groceries, general line
          5142 Packaged frozen foods
          5143 Dairy products, except dried or canned
          5144 Poultry and poultry products
          5145 Confectionery
          5146 Fish and seafoods
          5147 Meats and meat products
          5148 Fresh fruits and vegetables
          5149 Groceries and related products
      515 Farm-product raw materials
          5153 Grain and field beans
          5154 Livestock
          5159 Farm products, raw materials
      516 Chemicals and allied products
          5162 Plastic materials and basic shapes
          5169 Chemicals and allied products
      517 Petroleum and petroleum products
          5171 Petroleum bulk stations and terminals
          5172 Petroleum products
      518 Beer, wine and distilled beverages
          5181 Beer and ale
          5182 Wine and distilled beverages
      519 Miscellaneous nondurable goods
          5191 Farm supplies
          5192 Books, periodicals and newspapers
          5193 Flowers and florists' supplies
          5194 Tobacco and tobacco products
          5198 Paints, varnishes and supplies
          5199 Nondurable goods

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