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72 Personal services
      721 Laundry, cleaning and garment services
          7211 Power laundries, family and commercial
          7212 Garment pressing and cleaners' agents
          7213 Linen supply
          7215 Coin-operated laundries and cleaning
          7216 Dry cleaning plants, except rug
          7217 Carpet and upholstery cleaning
          7218 Industrial launderers
          7219 Laundry and garment services
      722 Photographic studios, portrait
          7221 Photographic studios, portrait
      723 Beauty shops
          7231 Beauty shops
      724 Barber shops
          7241 Barber shops
      725 Shoe repair and shoeshine parlors
          7251 Shoe repair and shoeshine parlors
      726 Funeral service and crematories
          7261 Funeral service and crematories
      729 Miscellaneous personal services
          7291 Tax return preparation services
          7299 Miscellaneous personal services

7221 Photographic studios, portrait

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