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80 Health services
      801 Offices and clinics of medical doctors
          8011 Offices and clinics of medical doctors
      802 Offices and clinics of dentists
          8021 Offices and clinics of dentists
      803 Offices of osteopathic physicians
          8031 Offices of osteopathic physicians
      804 Offices of other health practitioners
          8041 Offices and clinics of chiropractors
          8042 Offices and clinics of optometrists
          8043 Offices and clinics of podiatrists
          8049 Offices of health practitioners
      805 Nursing and personal care facilities
          8051 Skilled nursing care facilities
          8052 Intermediate care facilities
          8059 Nursing and personal care
      806 Hospitals
          8062 General medical and surgical hospitals
          8063 Psychiatric hospitals
          8069 Specialty hospitals, except psychiatric
      807 Medical and dental laboratories
          8071 Medical laboratories
          8072 Dental laboratories
      808 Home health care services
          8082 Home health care services
      809 Health and allied services
          8092 Kidney dialysis centers
          8093 Specialty outpatient clinics
          8099 Health and allied services

807 Medical and dental laboratories

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